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Sarah Carroll has performed at most of Australia’s high-profile festivals and a good many of its pubs over a 30 year career, and is noted for her work with GIT, The Pirates Of Beer, The Junes and The Cartridge Family. Her songs chime with sincerity and come straight from her big, brave heart.

She launched her epic progressive country album Star Parade, out on Sugarrush Music, with a national tour in 2017 and her 5th trip to the USA, where she appeared at Americanafest as part of the Australian contingent. Star Parade reached the top 5 on the Airit regional radio charts and has received golden reviews in the press as well as strong support from public radio and the ABC across the country. 

Sarah and Chris' long-time sideman Shannon Bourne have just released a 6 track album entitled Medicine which deals with the heartbreak and loss of the past year.

Sarah has enjoyed supporting high-profile artists at home such as Kinky Friedman (USA), Mic Conway, Old Man Luedecke (Canada), Eddi Reader (Scotland), Renee Geyer, Tim Rogers, Monique Brumby and one of Australia's finest songmen, Neil Murray. In the USA, she works with the likes of Anne McCue, Tommy Womack and Bill Kirchen.

Sarah is an experienced radio broadcaster and music writer, having most recently published an interview with one of her favourite American songwriters, Robbie Fulks in Rhythms magazine.


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A FIVE-STAR PARADE! When Daddy Cool and RRR legend Gary Young heard Sarah Carroll's new album, Star Parade, he cried. That's a five-star review in anyone's language. Deserved, too, because Star Parade is a roots music tour de force. Sarah's superb songwriting swings from poignant to playful, with the result being soulful and sassy. ”

Jeff Jenkins

For her latest recording, Sarah Carroll has teamed up with guitarist and producer Leigh Ivin, son George Wilson and drummer Ronny Rindo under the moniker The Left Wing. Along with regular collaborators like Jackie Marshall, Gleny Rae and harmonica master Chris Wilson, Carroll applies her inimitable wit and vocal prowess to no less than 14 new compositions that range from the poignant to the droll. Carroll has a way of combining them both, like on 'Lived Your Life Twice', where she passes on parental wisdom, and 'Wives Know', in which she expounds the powers of feminine intuition, both with a twinkle in her eye. And then songs like 'St Kilda Skyline' and 'Blue Eyes Cause Me Pain' are beautiful, candid and affecting.”

Martin Jones

If opera can be thought of as the musical version of a novel, then ballads are the short story. I have always admired the short story – neat, direct and self-contained. Alan Marshall vs Tolkein! Sarah Carroll is a great exponent of the ballad. The core of the Left Wing is Leigh Ivin (guitars and keys), George Wilson (bass and percussion) and Ronny Rindo (drums and percussion), with all of them contributing backing vocals. For me there are a number of special tracks on the new CD Star Parade. ‘Wives Know’ is a very forthright description of something that every husband has long suspected. I’ve already drawn the attention of a few car nut friends to ‘Heaven is my Holden with the Windows Down’. It brings back many 1960’s memories of the old EJ. The songs celebrate life and reminiscing, a lot of it to do with being on the road, a big part of a musician’s life. Sarah often includes a tongue in cheek track (I still haven’t gotten over ‘Vegetarian Truck Driving Man’) and ‘Star Parade’ has one. ‘Small Courtesy’ is the expression of all musicians’ angst, well all performers’ angst, when their performance is marred by carelessness in the stalls. 4 and a half stars!”

Dr John Lamp, Forte Mag, Geelong

Sarah Carroll’s a jewel. She’s always welcome in my little piece of Tennessee. Sincerely, Tommy ”

Tommy Womack

Sarah Carroll is a world-class musician and a songwriter to the highest of standards.”

Aine Tyrrell

Sarah Carroll is not only a national treasure; she's a renewable resource!”

Gleny Rae

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