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A FIVE-STAR PARADE! When Daddy Cool and RRR legend Gary Young heard Sarah Carroll's new album, Star Parade, he cried. That's a five-star review in anyone's language. Deserved, too, because Star Parade is a roots music tour de force. Sarah's superb songwriting swings from poignant to playful, with the result being soulful and sassy. Sarah loves making music with her family - the album features her sons, George and Fenn. "At the Grace Emily [in Adelaide], a lady told me that the way I looked at them onstage made her wish she'd had kids. Wow. It's such a blessing, which I'll never take for granted." Sarah also loves driving, and the album is loaded with car references, including the delightful Heaven Is My Holden With The Windows Down. "I actually drive a Subaru wagon," Sarah confesses. "It belonged to my late brother-in-law, and I'm loving the lack of contact with the RACV." She still misses her Holden, however, a '79 HZ Premier wagon, which caught fire in her brother's driveway. Sarah denies she's a geek when it comes to musical instruments, though she does own five ukes and six guitars, and she loves the ukulele's "pretty little voice, its percussiveness, and the fact that jazz chords are much easier to play on it". Sarah is a "lifer", an artist who will always be making music. One of the new songs, Lived Your Life Twice, is filled with advice. So what's the best advice Sarah could give a young artist? "Maintain your self-belief, and always be respectful to your bandmates, sound engineers, publicans and punters. Take time to prepare for gigs, and eat and drink wisely and well. Look after your equipment, including voice, hands and ears, and be ready for anything!"”

Jeff Jenkins

For her latest recording, Sarah Carroll has teamed up with guitarist and producer Leigh Ivin, son George Wilson and drummer Ronny Rindo under the moniker The Left Wing. Along with regular collaborators like Jackie Marshall, Gleny Rae and harmonica master Chris Wilson, Carroll applies her inimitable wit and vocal prowess to no less than 14 new compositions that range from the poignant to the droll. Carroll has a way of combining them both, like on 'Lived Your Life Twice', where she passes on parental wisdom, and 'Wives Know', in which she expounds the powers of feminine intuition, both with a twinkle in her eye. And then songs like 'St Kilda Skyline' and 'Blue Eyes Cause Me Pain' are beautiful, candid and affecting.”

Martin Jones

If opera can be thought of as the musical version of a novel, then ballads are the short story. I have always admired the short story – neat, direct and self-contained. Alan Marshall vs Tolkein! Sarah Carroll is a great exponent of the ballad. The core of the Left Wing is Leigh Ivin (guitars and keys), George Wilson (bass and percussion) and Ronny Rindo (drums and percussion), with all of them contributing backing vocals. For me there are a number of special tracks on the new CD Star Parade. ‘Wives Know’ is a very forthright description of something that every husband has long suspected. I’ve already drawn the attention of a few car nut friends to ‘Heaven is my Holden with the Windows Down’. It brings back many 1960’s memories of the old EJ. The songs celebrate life and reminiscing, a lot of it to do with being on the road, a big part of a musician’s life. Sarah often includes a tongue in cheek track (I still haven’t gotten over ‘Vegetarian Truck Driving Man’) and ‘Star Parade’ has one. ‘Small Courtesy’ is the expression of all musicians’ angst, well all performers’ angst, when their performance is marred by carelessness in the stalls. 4 and a half stars!”

Dr John Lamp, Forte Mag, Geelong